Attempt to Continue South African Work in America

While we were in Port Elizabeth, South Africa working as Interns at Charles Duna Primary School, Jaime Roy and I created and implemented a Pen Pal Program



with the 4th Graders of Charles Duna

and the 4th Graders of Martin Luther King Elementary (Dixmoor, IL)

and Neoga Elementary (Neoga, IL) in America.

My Daughter-In-Law, LaToya King-Lawrence is a Counselor at Martin Luther King Elementary School and she provided me with students names to be matched with the South African students.


Jaime’s Mother, Shari Roy is a Para-Professional at Neoga Elementary School and she provided Jaime with students names to be matched with the South African students.

I created a PenPal lesson plan and presented it to the 4th Grade Teacher, Ms. Phumla Mgcuwa and she implemented the lesson to the 4th Graders.




We matched the American children with the South African children and the South African children were given the name of their American PenPals to write a letter.  Once the letters were completed and collected, we took individuals pictures of each student to include with their letter.  The letters with pictures enclosed were mailed to America on our last work day at Charles Duna; October 04, 2013.

Since my return to America, I have been working diligently to collect the response letters and pictures of the students of Martin Luther King Elementary to the students of Charles Duna.

I would love to continue this PenPal program as long as possible, but I am faced with some challenges.  The main challenge is that the school year for Charles Duna is January through December and the school year for Martin Luther King is September through June.  This means when the South African children receive their response letters from the American (Martin Luther King) children this month, the South African children have entered a new school year and are no longer 4th Graders; they are now 5th Graders.  If we are able to get the South African children to write another letter, the American children will have then entered a new school year as well.

Paul Miedema, Director of Calabash Tours has agreed to assist me with getting the letters to and from Charles Duna, once he receives them in South Africa.

In order to possibly be successful in continuing this PenPal Program, I will need someone working inside of the school to assist.  Hopefully, we will be able to secure someone.  I will continue to keep you posted on our progress.  If you have any suggestions that will help us continue, PLEASE let me know.  If nothing more, PLEASE pray for our success!


The Sweetest Valentines Gift Ever!

Today is My Only Grandchild’s

DeYani Danielle

aka “Mink”

2nd Birthday!


To her I say,

” Your birthday is a perfect time for offering a prayer that GOD will always keep you in His never-failing care.  That his love will give you faith and hope, His wisdom be your guide and you’ll have the joy of knowing He is always at your side.”

I Love You More Than You Would Ever Know…

Happy Valentine Birthday!

With Love  -Magogo

Valentines Day2

Our Second Weekend in Chintsa – Nelson Mandela Museum in Quno


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We had originally planned to begin our tour of the Wild Coast with a tour of the Nelson Mandela Museum in the Umtata Bhunga Building for an experience in following the footprints of a man whose long walk to freedom … Continue reading

Our Second Weekend in Chintsa – Bulungula Lodge


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After our overnight stay at the Mbolompo Home stay, we began the next day with a tour by Roger Galloway, who is coordinating the building of home stays in the of the rural village of Zithulele; located in the Eastern … Continue reading

Our Second Weekend in Chintsa – Mbolompo Home Stay


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For our second weekend we traveled to Mbolompo, on the Southern Wild Coast, for a cultural experience in a traditional Xhosa village with a Xhosa family.  We spent our first night at the Mbolompo Home Stay. The homestead belongs to … Continue reading

Our First Weekend in Chintsa East

Though we were some hard workers in Chintsa East, our weekends were planned to be fun!  We spent our first weekend in Chintsa East and most of the time studying.

We did take time to enjoy the beach!  Because our house was beach front, we only lived a short walk to the beach.

While we were at the beach, we saw people beach horse riding.

We thought about trying it, but we never got the chance.  Though, it was fun just watching other people do it.

GREAT time at the beach!



Bamboo Siding for Gwegwesha Day Care Center

The shelter for the Gwegwesha Day Care Center was made as a Tin Shack with three of the outside walls already covered with wood.  Tin was still displayed on the outside of the front of the shack.  Our third project was to cover the front of the shelter with bamboo.  Shelter sided with bamboo is low maintenance and blends beautifully with natural landscapes.  Bamboo is fast growing grass.

We began this project by going to another location and cutting down the bamboo.  The men used a machete and hand saws to cut it down.

And we, the women carried it the trailer to be transported to Wellington’s place.

Note:  After our first day of cutting down the Bamboo, Amber broke out in an allergic reaction and had to go to the Doctor for medication.  For this reason, she was restricted from working with the bamboo.

Next, we used the machete to clean the bamboo up.  The guys used the machete, hammer and the hand saw to split each one in half.

We, the women, lined up the bamboo and drilled holes in them in for the screws to be placed through.

That was the end of our week.  The next week the other group from our group worked on putting up the bamboo.  When we returned for our final visit, we were able to see the final product!

We all were so proud, on our final review day we used this spot as our back drop for taking pictures.